Winter Gate Tips

Modern Automated gates are designed to sense obstructions. Sometimes weather conditions can be interpreted as obstructions. For example: Ice and snow buildup around the gate, operating chains and drive system can simulate an obstruction thus causing the operator to stop. This is not a malfunction of the system, it is often a demonstration of a properly balanced system that can detect a small change in force required to move the gate panel. Simply clearing the gate area of resistance and resetting the operator will resume normal operation. In the event this does not return the system to normal operation please feel free to call for further assistance.

Always inspect and work from a safe area to prevent injury and entrapment, If you are not qualified or comfortable performing these inspections or service please contact United Fence for assistance.

Power down operator and associated equipment prior to any service for safety

Some items to look for:

  • Operator and gate travel area is free and clear of ice, snow and debris
  • Drive chain, guide wheels and drive rails are not frozen
  • Photo eyes are clean and aligned correctly (shoveling and plowing can knock these items out of alignment)
  • Batteries in transmitters for edges and photo eyes should be fresh (low battery power can cause gates to become inoperative)
  • Bearings, chains and gearbox is properly lubricated with the correct lubricants
  • Internal heaters if equipped are turned on and functioning properly. Many DC motors apply a small amount of voltage to maintain a heated condition. This function may require programming on the circuit board and does have further gate panel requirements for proper function.

Safety is most important, always follow manufacturers safety procedures and maintenance guidelines.
In the event you require professional service for your gate system please contact